Flat Non-Break-Away Lanyards(100 Pack)

Flat Non-Break-Away Lanyards(100 Pack)

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    Price: $43.00
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    Flat Non-Break-Away Lanyards(100 Pack)
    Packs of 100 Flat Non-Break-Away Polyester Lanyards

    Lanyards are great for keeping you ID accessible. They are perfect for office and school use when IDs are needed. We offer a variety of colors to allow for color coordination and differentiation. We offer end attachments that work with either slotted or non-slotted cards as well.

    Lanyard Specifications:
    Material: Polyester
    Width: 3/8" (10mm) flat braid.
    Cut Length: 36" (941mm).
    End Attachment: Swivel Hook or Bulldog Clip
    End Attachment Material: Nickle-Plated Steel
    Sold in Packs of 100.

    Both Bull-Dog Clip and Swivel Hook End attachments are available!
    Available in Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, and Red.

    Alternate Part #s 2135-3501/3551 (Black), 2135-3502/3552 (Royal Blue), 2135-3503/3553 (Navy Blue), 2135-3504/3554 (Green), 2135-3506/3556 (Red), 2135-3508/3558 (White), 2135-3509/3559 (Yellow)