YMCFKOK Fargo DTC4500 Printer Ribbon

YMCFKOK Fargo DTC4500 Printer Ribbon

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    YMCFKOK Fargo DTC4500 Printer Ribbon
    45212 YMCFKOK Fargo DTC4500 Printer Ribbon

    This YMCFKOK Full-color ribbon has black resin panels, fluorescing and a clear over lay panel. This ribbon is used for dual sided printing. It can print up to 400 cards and works in the Fargo/HID DTC-4500 ID Badge printer.

    To break things down, this ribbon contains the standard YMC (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) panels followed by an F or fluorescent panel. The fluorescent panel acts as a security feature allowing images to be printed and show up in grey scale. The fluorescent panel is clearly visible under black light and is a measure taken to prevent the printing of counterfeit cards. On top of the fluorescent panel is the normal KO panels proving rich black elements as well as a clear overlay panel to protect the card. Lastly a second K (Black) panel prints on the reverse side for black elements such as bar codes and fine print.

    Part# 045212, 45212, FARGO-45212, fargo 45212, FGO-45212