Premium Clear Vinyl Badge Holders (100 Pack)

Premium Clear Vinyl Badge Holders (100 Pack)

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    Price: $47.00
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    Premium Clear Vinyl Badge Holders (100 Pack)

    Premium Clear Vinyl ID Badge Holders

    ID Badges are an integral part of office life.

    They are used for everything from access to facilities to brand promotion. Whatever roll they take for you the point is they are important. Badge holders are here to protect these cards. Instead of messing around with a slot on your card you just slide the ID in and you are good to go.

    These holders are a thin clear vinyl that will proudly display your ID on a lanyard, badge reel while protecting it from those inevitable coffee spills. They are designed to hold and ID card that is similar in size to credit/debit cards. The edges are reinforced for extra strength. This means the holder won't rip when you accidentally close it in a drawer at your desk.

    Holder Specifications

    Material - Clear Vinyl
    Size - 2.50" x 3.25" / 3.25" x 2.50"
    Thickness - 0.0012" Front; 0.03" Back
    Orientation - Vertical (Portrait)or Horizontal (Landscape)
    Attachment Options - Slot for lanyard, badge reel, or strap clip
    Holders per Pack - 100 Holders

    Part Number 506-N, 506n,506-t1, 506t1