Zebra ZXP 8 i Series YMC Ribbon

Zebra ZXP 8 i Series YMC Ribbon

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    Zebra ZXP 8 i Series YMC Ribbon
    Zebra ZXP 8 i Series YMC Ribbon 800012-141

    A YMC Ribbon will print Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan on one side of your card. This Ribbon can print full color images, but will not print black elements with a black resin as most ribbons do. The ribbon promises to print approximately 800 images and is designed for single sided printing.

    This ribbon utilizes retransfer printing technology. These ribbons first print on a thin film that then is thermally bonded to the card. There are some benefits to retansfer printing. It allows for high quality prints of images on the cards as well eliminating the while border that is left on the edges of the car with normal direct to card printers. These printers allow for printing across a range of cards, including non-PVC cards and smart cards. The film makes it easy to print even if the surface is uneven. This printing can even help protect against fraud! The cards are covered with a film so any tampering becomes visibly evident. Retransfer printing provides a number of new options in ID card printing.

    Storage Information
    Proper storage insures that you get the most out of your ribbon. For proper storage, avoid storing the ribbons in direct sunlight, high temperatures, or high humidity. Store the ribbons away from solvents and chemicals. To ensure print quality, do not touch the printing surface of the ribbon.Color panel ribbons have a shelf life of 1 year and should optimally be stored at temperature of 41°F to 86°F/+5°C to 30°C

    Ribbon Specs:
    Brand: Zebra Technologies
    Series: True Color i Series
    Printer: ZXP Series 8
    Print Process: Retransfer Printing
    Colors: Full Color - YMC (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan)
    Prints: 800 Images

    Part # 800012-141, 800012141, ZCD-800012-141, YMCK, ZXP8, 800IMG