Blank Fluorescent 30mil PVC ID Cards

Blank Fluorescent 30mil PVC ID Cards

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    Blank Fluorescent 30mil PVC ID Cards

    500 Blank Fluorescent 30 Mil PVC Cards

    Fluorescent colored cards really pop! The bright colors work perfectly with dark colored print ribbon and text to create a visually pleasing balance. We offer a variety of these fluorescent colors, including a yellow, green, and red.

    These neon cards are perfect for ID badges, membership cards, gift cards, and special promotions.

    These cards are standard credit card size and thickness. These cards are designed to be used in Plastic ID card printers. They work perfectly in HID/Fargo, Zebra/Eltron, Datacard, Evolis badge printers and more. Looking for a magnetic (mag) stripe in color? Call 800-903-8515 for Magnetic stripe for pricing and availability!

    PVC Cards Specifications

    - Material: 100% PVC Plastic (Polyvinyl Chloride)
    - 30 mil Thickness (.030 inch)
    - CR-80 Credit Card (CC) Size (2-1/8"x 3-3/8")
    - Graphics Quality: Both Sides
    - 500 PVC Cards Per Pack

    Colors Available:

    - Fluorescent Green (a tint of PMS Color: 802 C)
    - Neon Yellow
    - Fluorescent Red
    - Neon Orange
    - Fluorescent Pink (a tint of PMS Color: 806 C)
    - Neon Blue (PMS Color: 3005 C)