Fargo DTC400 YMCKO Color Ribbon

Fargo DTC400 YMCKO Color Ribbon

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    Fargo DTC400 YMCKO Color Ribbon

    Genuine Fargo 44230 DTC YMCKO Ribbon Cartridge with Clean Roller

    This is a full-color printer ribbon for the Fargo DTC400, and DTC400e ID card printers. The ribbon will provide an image containing all the process colors Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Black, and an overlay layer. The 4 color panels allow it to print the same as color inkjet printers. It provides a clear overlay to protect your image and prevent dye-migration on the printed cards. This ribbon will print approximately 250 full color Images and was designed ideally for singled sided printing.

    This ribbon is designed to utilize the Direct To Card (DTC) Printing process. The print head uses heat to adhere the pigments to the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cards. The use of an overlay then helps to keep the pigments in place over time where they otherwise could start to diffuse and give your cards that fuzzy look.

    This Ribbon uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology work with your printer and communicate which ribbon you have installed. This can help prevent waste by alerting you if the wrong ribbon has been installed.

    The cleaning roller keeps your cards clean and helps keep the printer functioning optimally. It removes any debris that may be on the cards and protects your print head. Keeping your printer clean can extend its life and minimize costs.

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